The sand extraction potential of embedded land surface lowering in the Netherlands


M.J. van der Meulen, M.P.E. de Kleine, J.G. Veldkamp, C.W. Dubelaar, H.S. Pietersen

Netherlands Institute of Applied GeoScience TNO, P.O. Box 80015. NL-2508 TA Utrecht, The Netherlands




In the Netherlands, mineral extraction by means of dredging or quarrying meets with considerable societal resistance. Land surface lowering prior to large land reconstruction projects may raise fewer objections. We have calculated the potential yields of sand and gravel from land surface lowering embedded in planned building and construction projects, and in nature, farmland and recreation area development. Our primary data sets were a compilation of spatial plans for the period 1995-2005 and about 95,000 borehole descriptions. Even if embedded consistently, land surface lowering would contribute modestly (up to 5.4 Mio m/a) to the filling sand provision (annual demand 45-50 Mio m/a).


Keywords: The Netherlands, mineral extraction, spatial planning, land surface lowering, sand, gravel



In: Netherlands Journal of Geosciences 83(2), 147-151, 2004 (full text)